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Our Background

Hi, my name is Juliana, but I just go by Jules. I am beyond humbled to be able to serve you all and Christ through this ministry. This ministry started back in 2017 when I was in college and realized the depth of how God and the Gospel were being viewed among my peers and the world system. This started as started as sharing the gospel on campus and God has grown it into an online ministry. 

After watching the American Gospel documentaries in 2020, my whole view on theology changed. The modern church has strayed away from the discussing what the Gospel truly means and from studying Scripture alone as God’s Holy Word. I realized the importance of biblical literacy and needing to know what the Bible says in context and as God wrote it. Ever since, one focus of this ministry has been Bible Study, as I am learning myself.

On this website/blog, Instagram, and YouTube, you will find Gospel-centered and bookish content. This ministry is focused on increasing biblical literacy, embracing biblical womanhood, and standing up for biblical truth.

All glory goes to Christ for this ministry. I truly cannot take any credit. I'm just an ambassador taking up the Great Commission and pointing to Him. Anything I post is something I'm learning as well. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the very center of Bible & Hot Cocoa, and everything is meant to point to Him. 

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